Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fill & the Bees (Bridget & Bel)

My Fill is actually tonight hehe. Really excited yay! It is so hot & humid today, I can't be assed going to the gym but I am going to try. I did go swimming last night and did 10 laps, not much but better than nothing.

Also two friends of mine are having a bit of a tiff and I am going to stay out of it and no taking sides or gossiping etc I don't to get involved in their toxic crap.

Ohh and I think I have some good potential long-term temp roles next week and I have 2 interviews on Thursday & Friday so yay things are picking up and I can't wait to go away this w.end with my gorgeous man. We're not really celebrating V.Day that much but it is our 1 yr which is big for me so I need to think of something to get him but I am going to surprise him with a romantic picnic on the beach on Saturday :-) can't wait. I'll let you know tonight how the fill goes and thanks to Bridget & Bel for the supportive comments, its really reassuring and comforting knowing other people get you and understand you and everything you're going through so thanks!

Skinnie Minnie


Bridget said...

Good for you for staying outta other peoples shit!
Good luck with the temp work. Hopefully you get that regularity that helps with exercise and eating :0)

Bel said...

Can't wait to hear how yor fill went!

That is great that you have some good jobs coming your way. Temping is a great way to try out jobs. If you don't like one then move onto the next.


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