Monday, February 16, 2009

Restriction... Yay! Loss... Double Yay!

Well I can't remember what I last posted about and if I have discussed my last fill (yes I know I could look back on previous posts but I dont really care that much haha). So I had 1.5mls put in bringing me up to 10.5mls in my 14ml band and I feel restriction YAY

I still need to slow my food right down but on Saturday night the boy and I went out for dinner and i had my fave linguini marina at the best italian place I have ever been and I have 4 mussels, 3 sml prawns, a few pieces of scallop and then about 5-6 tablespoons of pasta over about 30-45mins and I was full and I stopped at the right time (ok maybe could have had one less mouthfull of pasta) but I had 3/4 of my pasta left but I was pretty happy with myself, BB (before band) I would have eaten it all! So when I eat slowly I notice I am way fuller and not hungry for a good 4-5hrs later which I think is good for me. So goal this week - eat SLLOOOWWW!

So w.end was really nice but had major dramas with the hotel (too long and boring to go into) but I took matters into my own hand it all worked out nicely in the end - a room upgrade and a bottle of Bollinger champagne for being verbally abused by one of their staff members. This is my year and I don't need to put up with being ripped off and abused so I felt good about myself.

Oh and according to the scales last night I have lole 1.1kg since last Tuesday YAY I decided I am going to stick to Dr scales (I am seeing him next week which will be good). Weighing myself 3 times in 10mins isn't healthy and just messes with my head.

So today I was too tired (and hot) to go to the gym but I ended up doing 36mins on the WiiFit (lol its only WiiFit I know) but I did some yoga, muscle work and aerobics and felt good about it. I like how it tracks your progress and has a graph for you and weighs you and helps you set goals. I also did those daily exercises from the "28 Days" program which I haven't done for about a month :-S oops lol so although no gym still feeling good about doing something and I have a job interview tomorrow YAY!

Skinnie Minnie


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