Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Over It... ugh!

I think I have a problem (actually I know I have lots) but jeeze one day I am so happy, the next I spend all night crying (no that wasn't me last night lol).

Everything just seems so hard at the moment ok really only 3 things : job, money and weight loss.

Job front - still don't know about the temp govt job which is annoying, I have an interview on Thursday for a 3 mth contract role but the market is soo hard at the moment and slow. This job issue leads on to money issues.

Money - I need it lol. Luckily I am working 1 day a week at a real estate office so thank god I will now be getting some money in weekly but I now have no savings and credit card debt (thanks band) and it is depressing. I had so many things I wanted to do/have done this year by now and they all have to be pushed back like 6 mths plus and it just gets hard. When I moved to Melb I had no $ and when I moved back here I had no $ so I know I can get back to where I was financially 6 mths ago but it just depressing.

Weight loss - Ugghh its so annoying seeing everyone else's different weight loss, some people same weight as me has lost double in half the time or not much in triple the time. It's frustrating oh and I am possibly (hopefully) getting more fill tonight and I think I will be at my sweet spot which is good because I feel like my band is taking its time to kick in lol but I just wish everyone was the same lol. Oh and in the mornings I like my weight loss but because Dr does fills in the arvo/night by the time I get there at 6.00pm tonight I will be at my *heaviest* for the day and its like nooo the scales were better this morning ugh, feel like a failure sometimes.

Anyways hope everyone else is going well.
Skinnie Minnie


Alicia said...

Hi! I came over from The Fat Girl Smiles blog! I hear you...money & weight issues. I am on WW and it seems that everyone else is loosing all kinds of weight and I have only lost 3.4lbs. Keep going...you can do it. Just remember it will all be worth it in the end:)

Bel said...


It is hard when the job front is not looking the best. Could you do bar work, night fill etc. I know it is pretty much mind numbing, but the money is what counts. I've already decided that if things get tough I'm more than happy to go and do night fill or even cleaning. It's a means to an end!

As for the weight loss. Just be true to yourself. That's all you can do. Don't worry if someone else is doing better or worse than you. We are all different.

Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

I am right there with ya girl I really do understand how you feel. I was hoping to have had all my plastic surgery done by now and that's not going to happen until , well i dont know .
I will say this . do not , i repeat STOP comparing yourself to others.
You just cant ! Do not look at others , your you, your weight loss is yours. Expect to lose and expect to lose that's all !You are doing great !! hang in there i really do understand how you feel!

SkinnieMinnie said...

Wow thanks Alicia, Bel & Mindy! Its pretty cool getting such awesome support from awesome people so quickly (and such wise and true support also).

Beth said...

I'm with Mindy on this one -- do NOT compare! I know it's hard to do (heck, on LBT I look at people's tickers and do the math), but if you compare, you will become depressed and possibly lose sight that this is YOUR journey, not anybody else's.

Every journey is unique, just as YOU are unique. You wouldn't want to be considered the same as anybody else, would you? The same goes for your journey. It is YOURS, so MAKE it yours.

When I flub up or don't see the scale moving for a while, I tell myself now, "This is a JOURNEY, not a RACE. I will get there when I get there. So long as I am doing the right things, the result will please me."

I hope this helps.

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