Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ooopps :-S haha

Okay so had the fill and according to the Dr scales I have GAINED (yes gained) .3kg, nurse & Dr were both really good saying that because of my cycle and being at 7.00pm at night I would weigh more than if they weighed me in the morning so I wasn't too upset about it really (haha should I be, I dunno lol) but I am going to use it as motivation. Dr said I would probably have to work a little harder because I am "smaller" so I am taking it on board and gonna work my ass off and really watch what I eat because I am seeing him again in 2 weeks.

Oh so I now have 10.5ml in a 14ml band - I REALLY hope this is the real restriction feeling this time and my next fills are only like .5ml or something.

Anyways I'm off to dinner with a friend tonight, I hope it goes ok, I don't plan this very well hahaha.

Peace out everyone.

Skinnie Minnie


Bridget said...

.3 is NOTHING!!! Forget it!!!!
Have fun at dinner :0)

Bel said...

I agree with Bridget! Especially if you are not feeling restriction.

Hope it has found you after this fill!


Beth said...

I keep trying to convert everything to pounds to get a perspective. Never was good at metrics! lol

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