Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scales SUCK! Fills & Rambles.

TIRED! I AM SSOOO TIRED! I babysat last night and didn't get home till 12.30am and by the time I got into bed and sleep was about 1am then up for work today so I was absolutely buggered tonight and didn't gym it which I am a bit annoyed about (I did 50mins cardio yesterday and pushed myself on the bike and felt it in my thighs today) but I did go to the pool today although only did 4 laps then just played around with my little sis and bro lol

So the scales haven't moved at all.. well everyday they change about 5 times but over all nothing changed which I am pretty upset about.. starting to feel like I am failing at this but this week food/exercise has been okay and I have a fill next Monday so bring that the F on! Oh that reminds me re your comment about my fill stage Beth. I have had 2 fills, I felt nothing on my first fill so went back a week later and felt something for about a week but slowly I'm eating more food and more often so I'm really hoping my 3rd one will give me some decent restriction.

Apart from the scales I am feeling pretty good about everything else, even money :-) worked last week and today which is just the little I need and I am certain a good job will come around soon, I've also been thinking about the "ex-best-friend", about 2 weeks ago I couldn't stop thinking about her and was really down about it but when I think of her I just try and block her out of mind. Plus not working and being PMSy doesn't help (still waiting for the girls to come because I am STILL PMSy hmm I don't want to even think about the alternative :-S lol) so feeling good, money is okay, gyming hard(ish), good friends (one bought me a ticket to Future Music Festival to cheer me up) and an amazing boyfriend.

Anyways hope everyone and their bands (or soon to be bands or future/possibility banded people) are feeling good! Sorry for the shambles of a post today lol.. way too overtired!

Skinnie Minnie


Katie said...

hey darl, i know it sucks when the scales don't move, but try to remind yourself the weightloss comes in ebbs and flows, down one week, stable for a while then down again (and sometimes even up a bit:-). Just remember that you are doing the right thing and that it will balance out in the end!! your body is actually a complex thing and aside from dealing with the sudden food reduction/weightloss, there's also fluid loss/gain, and muscle gain when you exercise. It'll all come good in the end!

Beth said...

Yeah, I'm finding the same thing. First fill had me STARVING (I think the doc said he actually took some OUT because of my feedback); second fill worked where at least I wasn't hungry between meals. But now I'm kinda hungry earlier, and I eat what I call a human-sized meal. I used to be bad about portion sizes, so saying I eat human-sized simply means that I eat about what a normal person should. I'm hoping this next fill will have me experiencing restriction.

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