Monday, February 9, 2009

Honesty is the best policy. And the hardest to swallow.

According to the scales I have only lost .7kg in the past 3 weeks. I have a fill this afternoon and will be interesting (and possibly extremely depressing) to see what the Drs scales say.
I know I am totes in need of a fill but that is no excuse for weight-loss being so slow and just getting my period isn't an excuse either (normally I lose about a kg when I get my period because I hold fluid a lot) but there isn't much change. I am getting my act together and been going pretty well at the gym but I need to continue and get harder on myself in terms of food & exercise. Just because I am not always working and don't always have a proper set routine doesn't mean I can slack off (I am getting myself into a routine almost now) so I know that this fill tonight is the extra kick I need because I don't want to feel disappointed in myself again.

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and hopefully my next blog will be a little cheerier haha



Bridget said...

I find it really hard when I am not in a routine to be on top of exercise and eating right.... soon as I was on holidays it all went out the window. So I totally understand!

Bel said...

I know this probably doesn't help much, but .07kg is still 0.7kg you are closer to goal!

It is so hard when you don't know what you are doing from one week to the next (I temped years ago for about 8 months), but just keep doing the best you can.

Take care,

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