Friday, February 6, 2009

Tape Measure.

I like tape measures. According to the tape measurer I am losing weight because I am getting smaller in cm's plus I have finally got my period and I know I usually gain about 2kg the week before my period so I am hoping come Monday the scales will actually show a decent change. I have a fill monday night YAY! I hope there is a loss on their scales because I will feel bad if there isn't.

Oh and I did 63mins cardio yesterday :-D snaps for me lol I haven't been able to break that 1 hr mark for a while so it was good to finally do it. Didn't do any excercise today but have done a lot of walking! Oh and I got a part-time job. Just doing reception work at a real estate company on Saturdays but I need the $ and even if I got a full-time permanent/temp role I would still keep it because I need to pay off my credit card (surgery) and start saving again. Oh and I have 3 days of temping next week which will give me more $ and I'm going away for Valentines day and more importantly.. my 1 year with my gorgeous boyfriend. One year is a big deal for me :-D

So feeling good today and been thinking positvely and I know I need to do that and focus on the good in my life and not be so hard on myself re not exercising one day or not losing more (even though clothes are looser and cm's are dropping).

Have a great w.end everyone!



Bel said...

Tape measures are wonderful aren't they!

My scales have been the same for a while, but my pj's are falling off me.

I think your clothes are a much better tool to gage your success that the bastard scales!


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