Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling Good.

Today was a good day and I am feeling inspired knowing I can do this, especially now that I have restriction. One of the nurses called me this arvo to see if I still wanted the appointment next week for more possible fill and I asked her about the band and how come I have so much fill in and she simply said "thats how much fill your body needs" and reminded me everyone is different and I might find that another few mls and I am already at my sweet spot instead of f*ing around for a few more fills. She also reminded me I am "smaller" and that I am feeling more restriction now so clearly my band is working and nothing is wrong with it so yay over all feeling pretty good.

Plus today I went on the WiiFit for an hour, gym for 45mins plus about 30mins of housework and I have another job interview on Friday for a role that sounds perfect for me and promising so things are looking up :-)



Bridget said...

Good luck on the interview!!! xoxo

LanniB's Battle said...

Minnie, babes!!! Your doing awesome, dont forget that ok!!!!

ruv u rong time! hahaha

Alicia said...

Hi! I found your blog from a friends. I think you are doing wonderful!

Let us know how the job interview went!

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