Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 is mine!

Hope everyone had a great New Year - I actually had one of the best ones so yay and yay for 2009. This is my year to shine haha that sounds sooo lame lol but I have a good feeling about year. And like every other year and I'm sure like everyone else I have a million resolutions. They are:
1 - get fit, healthy & happy
2 - get serious about saving.
3 - go overseas with the bf.
4 - only use my time on people who are worth my time (this also includes trying very hard not too gossip or get into the usual drama that seems to follow some people).

And that's about it.

I hope everyone has a great year :-) Oh and I am off to see my surgeon on Monday and possibly getting a fill so that should be interesting!

Skinnie Minnie


Katie said...

hey minnie, good luck for 2009! I just had my first fill today, and it was a walk in the park, so don't let even a bit of worry about it enter your mind :-)
Cheers, katie

Laura B said...

How much do you weigh.?
Whats your goal weight?

I'm Laura.. I'm 7 weeks into my massive weight loss quest.

Check out my blog..

SkinnieMinnie said...

Hey Laura B.

I have my weight and stats on my other blog which you should be able to see if you view my profile but I started @ 107.9 and my goal weight is 60kg.

Bel said...

This year will be your year, and mine..... lol


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