Monday, January 19, 2009


So after some sleep and a better day I am feeling better about things. I know that friendships don't always last and it is important to talk to your friends about (which I have mentioned before I am meeting with some close friends for dinner soon so will try to talk about it then) but its still hard losing friends and realising some people aren't who you thought they were but I know I have tried everything and am always putting in 100% so why should I feel guilty and I know I deserve good friends so I have put it behind me and trying to focus again. Moving on

So apparently I have lost 5kg... I don't believe it though. My scales fluctuate so much and 1 hour I weigh one amount and an hour later another amount WTF?! But according to my weight at 6.00am on Monday 15 December (my band date) and Today at 9.00am - I have lost 5kg :-). I have noticed a little bit, in my face really and some clothes that use to fit which then didnt fit at all, are a bit better now (although not what they were originally) so starting to feel a bit more motivated and realising that I'm not gonna fail this and slowly but surely I will be the weight and size and BMI I want! Also I agree with Bridget, having a food log really does help so I have started my other blog which is my food/exercise blog and weight loss tracker and I am finding it helps... when I actually do it hehe.

Skinnie Minnie


Bridget said...

Great work at losing 5 kilos!!! Take 5 at a time and it seems a lot easier!!
I know its hard when friendships fail... but you learn something from each one of them...
Keep up the food diary! They really help!

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