Monday, January 12, 2009

Toxic Friends.

I had a best friend for 4 years - we went through new loves, break-ups and even a birth together (hers not mine lol and yes I was there during the birth) and helped her leave her abusive boyfriend not once, not twice but three times and coped my fair share of verbal abuse from him. Her and her baby even stayed with my family for a week and I started to notice that she wasn't herself, extremely down all the time, not eating or sleeping, no confidence at all and pushing away friends. Then suddenly she stopped talking to me and I did everything to try to talk to her (yes sadly I was probably a little stalkerish but I cared about her so much) and it turns out apparently I said something to someone at work and she didn't appreciate that so decided to ignore me, no not talk to me or ask me if there was any truth in it (which there isn't). Long story short some other stuff has happened and now I am getting absuive threatening emails from a mutual friend (don't worry she is all talk and has a few issues of her own) so I am over toxic friends! Friends who take 100% of you and give you 10% back. Friends who fuck you over, who don't call you back and who take you for granted. Friends who are not even friends.

So I have blocked the ex-bestie and her friend on my email and facebook and am washing my hands of them (I can see the toxic slime wash of my hands as I type lol). No more wasted tears, worry, anxiety, stress or money on her or any other using, tocix people anymore. This year is about me, for me and me only. I am going to turn that negative energy into positive and focus on myself, my health, my work and my gorgeous amazing boyfriend who is only ever supportive of me and everything I do and puts me first. I have finally realised that is the sort of guy I deserve and now I realise I only deserve/want friends who put in as much as me.

Thank to everyone here for every supportive comment, email or text ever. I am grateful and lucky to have the support.

Skinnie Minnie

P.S - I am still unsure about this fill, sometimes it seems to work, other times it doesn't. I wake up starving - seriously, it is crazy hunger pains and seem to be hungry a few hours later.. hmm going to try to eat more protein and be better this week but may call the Dr and see what he says, or just wait until my next fill - 2nd Feb YAY!

I am better than that and deserve better than that.


Bridget said...

Go you!!!
Ridding yourself of negativity is one of the best steps in creating the you YOU want to become!!

Bel said...

I so hear where you are coming from Girl!

I had to do the same a couple of years ago. The main friend I had to cut off was my cheif bridesmaid! We had been very close for years and she started turning on those people closest to her. I have completely cut her off from my life and have not regretted it at all (she's still doing the same thing with her 'new' friends). I do have days where I have a real longing or feeling of emptiness because of what I have lost, but it gets better as time goes on.


Katie said...

hey minnie, on the fill front, i totally know what you mean, i've only had one fill myself, and some days i feel restriction but mostly i dont. Dont forget, it can take a few fills to get it right (thats what my surgeon reminded me anyway) so don't take stress about it too much!

Good call on ridding your life of the toxic people, the process really is similar to coming off drugs/alcohol you know, its hard at first, you want to go back, but eventually, you'll feel heaps better and wonder why you put up with that crappy feeling for so long:-)

stay strong sister:-)

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