Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am currently re-reading "Confessions of a Chocaholic" or something like that by the biggest loser host AJ Rochester. And she talks about sabotage and the hardest stuff is the mind issues.

There are sooo many pages where I feel like she is reading my mind, one example where she talks about debating mentally whether or not to eat something. I use to/still do sometimes do that, waste about 3 hrs fighting myself to decide whether I eat it or not and either way I end up feeling like I lose. I eat it and feel guilty, don't eat and feel like I am starving myself. Or having one bad meal so blowing the whole thing and thinking I've failed. But now I feel like I am apposite, I am too lenient because sometimes I think "well the band will take care of that" - nothing mayjah but I've had about 6-9 mini chocolate eggs today and I know I shouldn't, its only making me and bandie have to work my ass of harder and on Monday when I way in I will regret it. I am slowly getting my head shit together.

Oh and I realised that this time last year I only weighed around 92/93kg - who the fuck puts on 14.9kgs in a year?! Seriously. That is getting me down a bit, thinking I could be under 90 now if I just hadn't become so fkn lazy. Oh well I will still be under 90 eventually but its a little disheartening. But I did 30mins on the xtrainer today then 15min power walk (4% incline, 5.5km/h speed) and my legs feel a little sore so yay, I know you need to change your exercise routine around after a bit because your body gets use to what you do so happy I did that oh and need to start doing weights again - goal for tomorrow :-)

Skinnie Minnie


Bridget said...

Move on..... seriously.... you can't change the past. Shit happends. Focus on today and what you are going to do to change it. You can do this, I know you can. Tell yourself that.

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