Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miss Positive.

Okay so after a decent night sleep and some "The Secret" style meditating, visualising my future shit I am trying to see my current situation as positive.

I wasn't particuarly happy where I was and would have said no if I was offered a permanent role - so now is my chance to find an awesome job, something that I can make a career out of and give me some direction as to what I want to study (that is another resolution that I forgot to add - to have some sort of diploma at least this year). In the mean time I am going to de-clutter my room hardcore. Go through my clothes, drawers everything and focus on myself again :-)

And if anyone knows some legal-easy way to make some $ from home or something that doesn't involve drugs or selling myself (although if I don't have a jobs in 2 weeks that might change lol) let me know, a friend reckons (ugh I hate that word lol) she makes a bit of extra $$ from Avon hmm.

Also thanks for the comment Jen. Blogging is a great way to vent and be open, I don't talk about my weight and feelings blah blah to anyone else really so I love my blog hehe. Good luck with the band though - best thing ever!

Skinnie Minnie


LanniB's Battle said...

Minnie, babes, i think u are one kicking some serious fkn ass!!!!! i think the me time will help!!! i loved having the time off to do what i wanted and needed!

Yay for Minnie! :) hehehe

love ya girl!

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