Friday, January 30, 2009

Silly Me.

Ugh I ate too much (although not muched compared to BBT [before band time lol]) but I feel yukky and my port site hurts.. is that weird that every time I eat too much my port site tends to hurt and I get achey feeling on the side..

Anyways soo tired, work was a bitch today. Smart ass yr 12 boys really pissed me off and I didn't gym it again :-( I feel a little guilty.. I really need to find my crap and get it together. If you find it can you send it my way and tell it to hurry up puhlease!

Have a good w.end everyone! Think I will gym it tomorrow and having dinner with some of the girls tomorrow night, not my close friends but girls from the old yr 12 friendship group so it should be nice but after it a nice 40min drive to the boyfies place - that is killing me and im sick of living at home and i need a night/day away from the rentals so I don't have a choice but still ssoo annoying!

So have a great w.end everyone! I still need to update my weight & add new photos. Can't wait for my next fill - feb 10! I need more already :-(

Skinnie Minnie


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