Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just need to vent, so turn away now!

So at the moment I am doing temp work and was working as a Receptionist. My recruitment agency called me today to tell me that the company can no longer afford a temp so guess who now has no job?! ME!!! I was meant to go back to work tomorrow and now nothing, they couldn't even give me more than a days notice or let me finish of the week so I can get some cash - fuck them! That is such a load of shit. So now I am just feeling crap and what a shit start to the year, I was on such a high and now just cbf.

The only positive is I will be able to go to the gym during the day for a while and get my ass moving!

Also since I am here, fill is going so good, had a smoothie for breakfast (around 9am) then a boost juice (around 1.00pm & was pretty hungry by then) and just had a sml bowl (probably 1/2 cup) of soft pasta and feel full now! Well I feel something, either I'm full or hungry but think it's full so wowsers. Just have to start eating smaller more often.

Skinnie Minnie


Bel said...

I'm feeling for you! I use to temp when I lived in Brissy and was let go a couple of times like that. I hated how they couldn't speak with you directly and you got a call from you temp office! One place I worked at for 6 months!!! The office manager ended up giving me a call to say that they would definatly get me back if another vacancy came up.

I told him not to bother!

Use the time well!

PS - I'll be in Brisbane next week for me pre op appts!

SkinnieMinnie said...

Thanks Bel - its just so rude! I've only been there 4 mths and its like even if I was going to leave and dont have to give notice, I have the common courtesy & manners to give at least 1 week notice! Ughhh!!! Oh you will be in Bris? I will be unemployed - lets catch up and bitch about being a temp and banding lol

Jen said...

Just found your blog online and am loving it! I am also pursuing lapband and hopefully will be going in for surgery in early March. Best of luck to you and keep posting!

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