Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The F Word.

I'm talking about FILL of course. So I called my Dr's office and spoke with a nurse and I am going in tomorrow to get a little top up on my fill :-) so hopefully I will feel some proper restriction from now on.. especially since I ate 3 weetbix this morning lol oops. So I will let you know tomorrow how it goes...

So far been for a swim, only did 20 laps today and have done my exercises as well. Might go to the gym this arvo/tonight but will see how I feel.

So I'm fairly happy with the food choices I have been making, haven't had any take-away in the past 5 weeks EVEN when I was extremely hung over and everyone around me was having bacon & egg mcmuffins and cheeseburgers mmm.

And I agree Katie, it is like a sick drug addiction sometimes but I am looking forward to when I look back and think "how was I even addicted to that shit in the first place" - this will be the same with my view/obsession on food and my body too lol

Skinnie Minnie


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