Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ughh I feel crap. I was making a some cupcakes and have a couple of mouthfulls of the icing and feel soo crap now plus have that shoulder-tip pain feeling again!

I am in two minds about my fill - sometimes I can feel restriction and other times nothing at all. I think I could do with a little extra fill but I think I need to eat proper solid foods not soft pastas.. hmm.

So did my exercises this morning then went for some laps tonight - did 15 in about 30mins which is pretty good for me. I lose my technique and confidence when I don't swim for a while so feeling good PLUS I have two job interviews on Monday so trying to stay postive. Oh also I did my own personal filing today so YAY! Will clean room tomorrow :-) Will also try to hit the gym after 4 mths off hmm

Well nighty night everyone - thanks for the comments peeps. Its always nice getting some and knowing ppl are reading this silly little thing. Love & support to ya'll.

Skinnie Minnie


Bridget said...

Good luck with the job interviews!! Sending positive vibes your way!

Nola said...

I used to get shoulder tip pain when I ate too much...but that seems to have stopped now. I must get the Secret back out and read it again too...quite inspiring! Good luck with the job interviews on Monday!!

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