Friday, January 9, 2009

Grrr & shout out to some peeps lol

Ughhh I am feeling the restriction. I ate too much (but still feel like its more than what I shold have with 1 fill already) and feel crap now, just the "I ate too much" feeling. I really need to eat slower and eat proper solids.

Plus I hate not having a proper fucking routine. I always tend to eat crap or graze when I don't have a routine - I am a total boredom eater and I miss working and I don't think I am losing enough weight and I hate not having any money, living at home and generally just feeling like my life is going no-where. Ughh I was in such a good positive mood yesterday and now just fuck it all lol. Definitely going to do exercises & swim tomorrow and try and hit the gym as well, I think I have too much time & energy and start to bring myself down.

I have a little quote which I love and try to stick by and tonight I am writing it down about a million times until it sinks in, it is...

Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay then its not the end!

So deep inside I know it will be okay and everything happens for a reason and I need to get my headspace right & positive again.. anyways off to read The Secret again and get my shit on track.

Anyways feeling a bit better after another vent - god I love this blog hehe.


P.S - A big/skinnie thanks to Bridget & Nola for the luck and nice comments. I did find out Im shortlisted for a job I really want so good positive energy out the to universe for that!


Bridget said...

I completely understand that boredom eating thing. I'm off work atm and I need to stay away from the kitchen!!! So frustrating!!
Really hope you get that job!!!

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