Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am feeling so good right now and I am so happy/relieved, I've been down in a funk for too long so its nice to see some light in the long tunnel haha

So will start off on Friday - drove back to Brissie from my nans house (I was housesitting for the night) and did a massive clean of the house for my mumushka (scrubbing floors, windows, sorting out tupperware cupboard, fresh flowers everywhere etc etc hehe only because I wanted to and she's had a lot on her plate the past few weeks) so I felt really good and I know I burnt some calories at least.

Spent the w.end with my wonderful boyfriend and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have finally met someone who is so fantastic although he decided to get fit/healthy too and has lost 7kg in just over 2 weeks only from cutting out most of his carbs and eating better - bastard lol.

Yesterday I went to the gym, did 57mins of cardio and some weights (ok like 5 mins but I had to go) but then I played a game of netball last night. I was only GS and didn't move around much but there was some movement which is better than none. I wanted to go GA for a quarter but the girl didn't want to swap so next week I will go G.A.

Then this morning I got a call saying they have a temp role for me this week YAY late notice but I was getting so stressed/down about no job and no money but I will get money this week AND there is a chance I could go permanent in this role so yay. It's a brisbane boys grammar and god the school is nice! Although the first thing I did when they asked me was starting to stress about the older boys and looking fat :-( its silly since they are only 17/18 but its what I do. Anyway feeling so good now, will try and hit gym tonight although I am wrecked.

Skinnie Minnie


Katie said...

hey minnie,

its been some time since i went to brisbane boys grammer for school dances (when I was a high school student myself obviously) but from memory, they were rather appreciative of women in general, even the ones like myself with alot of extra kilo's, i think your main concern will be deflecting inappropriate attention:-) ahhh, BBG, fond memories:-)



Bridget said...

Goooooooooooo you!! Love to hear the positivity!!

LanniB's Battle said...

love, ur a fkn laugh!!!!!

hope work is goin ok! :)

and oi tell ur BF to slow down! hahaha ass!

talk soon

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